La-5 blue 14 with black pierced heart
by Massimo Tessitori

Updated on July 19, 2019

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Three photos show this La-5, apparently characterized by:

  • an aluminum winter livery,
  • a black heart pierced by an arrow (unknown if on both sides, probably yes because it is a simple painting), probably referred to the enemy unit Jagdgeschwader 54 'Grünherz';
  • a number 14, presumably blue (red according to other interpretations), presumably made with the usual fonts of La-5s;
  • an apparently glossy red spinner, but with the rear plate in aluminum paint;
  • apparently black trim; a contour of the rudder appears in different way according to the photo, so it has to be glossy, probably red;
  • a small irregular dark area on the fin, perhaps some damage or repair;
  • a dark area behind the cockpit, preserving the original black camo, visible only when the sliding hood is open;
  • a rectangular area under the number 14, appearing darker or lighter according to the photo, a retouch with aluminum paint.


Photos from archive Zaika



Left: a reconstruction of the look of this plane.



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