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White distemper
LaGG-3s of 3rd Gv. IAP KBF during winter 1942/43
By Massimo Tessitori
File updated on September 23, 2004
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Many images show LaGG-3s of 3rd Guards Fighter Air Regiment of the Red Banner Baltic Fleet (3 GvIAP KBF) east of lake Ladoga, Northern front, in winter 1942/43.
This unit, in origin 5th IAP KBF, was made Guards on January 18, 1942; it was headed by Maj. P.V. Kondratyev.
LaGG-3s of this unit were replaced by La-5s in early 1943.

The most of the aircrafts in these photos have some interesting characteristics in common:
  • they are of series 35 produced in 1942;
  • their base white-green camouflage has been oversprayed with a partial layer of MK-7 white distemper for camouflaging themon the snow; often it let see the original camo on the fuselage sides and nose. 
Image from Red Stars n.1

Here is a general drawing of one representative aircraft. The base camouflage is not distinguishable in photos, and was supposed a standard 1942 AMT-4 green, AMT-6 black and AMT-7 light blue camo.

Some aircrafts were of earlier production, with different base camouflage involving AII colors.

Let's see the single aircrafts and pilots more in detail. Click on the links to view a page with larger drawings, photos and comments on each aircraft.





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