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44 IAP's white 20
By Massimo Tessitori
File updated on January 21, 2010
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This image of German source shows LaGG-3 no.20 of 44 IAP, Leningrad area, probably on late 1941.
Its camo sceme looks different from that of other aircrafts of the same unit.

Image from the web, thanks to Aleksandr Ruckovski


This aircraft looks to be of series 1 or 2, whose characteristics are:
  • sharp prop spinner;
  • tubular exhaust stacks;
  • 1 UB 12,7 mm mm firing through the propeller shaft;
  • 1 12,7 UB machine gun guns on the left side of the engine cowling, and relative holes on the left side of the cowling;
  • 2  7,62 mm ShKAS machine guns on the engine cowling;
  • engine cowling with dzus locks

  • pointed side plates behind the exhaust stacks;
  • wide flat inlets on engine cowling sides;
  • three slots on left nose panel;
  • recessed outlet on right panel;
  • early oval (?) supercharger intakes;
  • short radio mast (?);
  • straight rudder with two balance masses;
  • water cooler outlet on the fuselage with small step and long flap (?);
  • fixed tail wheel;
  • no slats, pitot on the right leading edge.

Besides, 20 could have had part of the main gear doors removed, as the most of similar aircraft.

The camouflage looks different from the striped one of other aircrafts of the same unit; it looks to match with another scheme from "Soviet Air Force Fighter Colours 1941-1945", that was the base for the drawings reported here.
The colours, as usual, are AMT-4 green, AMT-6 black, AMT-7 light blue.

Other painting characteristics are:

  • white spinner (excluding the rear plate, black);
  • black prop blades (as usual on LaGG-3s);
  • stars on the tail and lower wing surfaces only.


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