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Lavochkin LaGG-3
Lakirovanny Garantirovanny Grob        Varnished Guaranteed Coffin
by Massimo Tessitori
Updated on April 2, 2010
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Latest updates:

Photos of model of Borivoj Hodek was added on September 15, 2010
Two new profiles of LaGG-3s with skis and related images were added on April 2, 2010
The model of Uwe Borchert was added on February 20, 2010
The profile of plane n. 20 of 44 IAP was modified, and new photos of it were uploaded on January 23, 2010.
The scale drawings of LaGG-3 were added on January 23, 2010
the profile of Silver 71 was added on November 11, 2009.

Ah you LaGG, my lightened LaGG,
why don't you wish to fly?
Over the wild Black Sea water
your cockpit you made me leave.

song created by pilots of one of the first units to receive LaGG-3s

LaGG-3 of Roden, 1:72 

Model by Borivoj Hodek

Uploaded on August 15, 2010

LaGG-3s drawings

Pavel Sadovnikov and Aleksander Ruchkovsky

An improved version of the drawings of Voronin reflects better the shape of this plane and describes in detail the evolution of early production LaGG-3s of many factories.    Uploaded on January 23, 2010

 LaGG-3 NS-37

Model by Uwe Borchert

Uploaded on February 20, 2010

LaGG-3s with skis

part 1: historical photos and profiles
part 2: details of the skis

Updated on April 2, 2010

Captured and wrecked LaGG-3s

Uploaded on June 2, 2007 

Profile of 60-460, white 69, banded 21 uploaded on March 25, 2008 
Other profiles were revised on the same date.

LaGG-3 of LTD,1/48

built by Basil 

Uploaded on September 5, 2006 

LaGG-3 of Roden, 1/72

built by Paul Berestesky 

uploaded on August 10, 2006

LaGG-3 of Toko, 1/72

all versions are allowed 

first uploaded on June 2004

LaGG-3/La-5 cockpit images

a collection of images from many sources 

uploaded on February 20, 2005

LaGG-3/La-5 structure images
a collection of images from many sources 

updated on October 25, 2005 

Galchenko's LaGG-3

series 3 

updated on February 20, 2005

Mironov's LaGG-3

series 11 

first uploaded on June 2004

LaGG-3 captured by Japaneses

series 8 

first uploaded on May 2004

Winter red 46: white or silver?

series 3 

first uploaded on June 25, 2004

From 29....
and 71... LG-1

a captured example in Finnish service
Updated on November 11, 2009

From white 57...
... to LG-3

another captured example in Finnish service

Uploaded on November 25, 2004

Strange numbers

LaGG-3s of 44 IAP

Updated on January 23, 2010 with new photos and corrections on plane 20

White distemper

LaGG-3s of 3rd Gv.IAP of Red Banner Baltic Fleet 
during winter 1942/43

Uploaded on September 23, 2004

"Eskadrilya Valeriy Chkalov"

LaGG-3s and La-5s paid by collective farm workers of the Gorky area

Updated on November 15, 2005 


LaGG-3s with Sh-37 and NS-37 37 mm guns

Uploaded on December 20, 2005 


Red Stars by Geust, Keskinen, Stenman;
Lavockin's Piston-engined fighters by Yefim Gordon
LaGG-3 in action, by Hans-Heiri Stapfer, Squadron/Signal
Soviet Combat Aircraft of the Second World War, of Yefim Gordon and Dmitri Khazanov
Soviet Air Force Fighter Colors 1941-1945 by Erik Pilawskii
Scale Aircraft Modelling January 2004
Soviet Fighters of Great Patriotic War: MiG-3, LaGG-3, La-5  by V. Voronin and P. Kolesnikov
Soviet Aces of WWII - Osprey - Aircraft Of  The Aces n°15
LaGG and Lavochkin  Aces of World War 2 -Osprey - Aircraft of the Aces n°56
Fighter Lagg of series "Aviakollectia"  is the digital form of the Aviakollectia monograph, in Russian.  is a page in Russian, describing deeply the painting of internal and external surfaces of LaGG-3 of Kari Lumppio about the colors found on pieces conserved in Finland a site that reproduces a lot of drawings from a Russian book of Technical description of aircraft's construction a page of a forum with good structural images one of some pages of a forum with an interesting discussion about the colors of LaGG-3. is an exceptional collection of wartime photos including LaGG-3s and La-5s.   topic about the cockpit of the LaGG-3 and its colors, with links to other sources.   excellent topic about LaGG-3, in Russian.  excellent topic about the ICM model of LaGG-3, 1/48, in Russian.

Audrius Nairanauskas for many information, help and scans;
Alexander Ruchkovsky, that I consider a true expert on this type, for many informations, scans and suggestions;
Jouni Ronkko for his help;
Fabrizio Di Santo for his collection of scans;
Paul Flint for some suggestions;
Robert N. Abbott Jr for his photos of La-5 wreck;
Aleksej Ilic for his help;
Paul Berestesky for his building report;
Basil for the photos of his model;
Martin Zamecnik for his help on skis;
Pavel Sadovnikov for his corrected drawings;
Uwe Borchert for the photos of his model;
John Thompson for his help in researching photos and other sources.
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