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Lavochkin LaGG-3 kits and built models
Lakirovanny Garantirovanny Grob        Varnished Guaranteed Coffin
by Massimo Tessitori

Update of November 2, 2017: the LaGG-3 main page had become too wide and was splitted into three ones: LaGG-3 evolution, profiles and photos , Kits and models , scale drawings and details

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LaGG-3 of Roden, 1:72 

Model by Borivoj Hodek

Uploaded on August 15, 2010

 LaGG-3 NS-37

Model by Uwe Borchert

Uploaded on February 20, 2010

LaGG-3 of LTD,1/48

built by Basil 

Uploaded on September 5, 2006 

LaGG-3 of Roden, 1/72

built by Paul Berestesky 

uploaded on August 10, 2006

LaGG-3 of Toko, 1/72

all versions are allowed 

first uploaded on June 2004