from black 29 to LG-1
an aircraft captured and reutilized by Finnish AF - part 1
By Massimo Tessitori
File updated on November 11, 2009
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This LaGG-3 no. 29 was captured during the Continuation War. 
It made a forced landing near Aunus in February 1942.

The aircraft appears:
  • overall white upper and side surfaces and spinner, with hand brushed demarcation;
  • light blue lower surfaces;
  • red stars in 6 positions; 
  • the fuselage star (at least) has a black outline;
  • black 29 on the tail, overposed to the tail star;
  • black prop blades;
  • some summer color visible near the rear windows and UBS.

The aircraft was probably of 5th/7th series, and its characteristics were:

The aircraft was recovered by Finns on 20 May 1942 and  moved to a repair depot, still with retracted main gear.
The number on the tail is well visible, while the red star under it can't be seen here; this seems to demonstrate that the number was black, in spite of being described as red by some sources.
A black outline is well visible on the fuselage star.

Here the aircraft was lifted to allow the extraction of the landing gear.
Note the uncovered engine, the bent propeller blades and the absence of wheel covers.

After restored, black 29 became LG-1 in Finnish service, and was assigned to LeLv 32 on 23 September 1942; this unit was based based at Nurmoila, on the Olonets isthmus.
According to the Finnish book  "Punatähtestä hakaristiin" (from red star to swastika), this plane  restored as LG-1, was silver 71, while black.29 was utilized only for spare parts; this looks strange, because black 29 appears in better conditions on photos, and is in contrast with other sources.

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