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LaGG-3s with skis
part 2: details of skis
By Massimo Tessitori
File updated on January 10, 2007
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These images show clearly that the landing gear remained retractable even when equipped with skis.
The shape of the ski was such to somewhat adhere to the undersurface of wing and fuselage during flight. 
Each ski was connected to the wing by two wires: the outer one (connected to the wing undersurface just out of the leg well) makes the ski rotate to remain horizontal when the landing gear is retracted, while the inner one (connected internally to the leg bay) maintains the ski horizontal during the extraction.
On the photos, the engine is operating to supply compressed air to the retraction actuators.

photos from Lavochkin's piston-engined fighters of Yefim Gordon

Here we see a front view of the left ski while being mounted on the landing gear leg, instead of the wheel. 
Under the wheel pin, we see the longitudinal pin of the ski hinge.
The cables for ski orientation and their tensioners are visible. 
A general view of the skis. A cylinder with a spring/shock adsorber is necessary to maintain them parallel to the flight axis when they are not pressed on the ground. This cylinder seems connected to the ski by a spherical joint.
Both skis have a cut on their rear part to leave free the waste shells expulsion slot under the left wingroot.
This image shows well how outer cables are connected to the ski.
This type of ski looks slightly different from the previous one: a small triangular structure is visible outside; the outer cable looks connected to it.
Another image of the same type of ski from inside. 
Here we see the cables for rocket launchers too.
Here we see the ski from below on a badly landed plane.
The rear shape and cut is well visible, while the front looks flat (but this could be a perspective effect, because none other photo shows a flat front).
     Six images of the tail ski that replaced the tail wheel on the same leg.
In some images, some snow fills the gaps in the structure.
A vertical spring or elastic rope prevents the ski from rotating nose-down when not on the ground.

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