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LaGG-3 NS-37 of Roden, 1:72 
Model by Uwe   Borchert
Uploaded on February 20, 2010
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The RODEN (ex- Toko) kit is a good basis to make a 1:72 LaGG-3.
Upper cowling, fuselage-wing area and the fit of the various cooler parts needed some filler and additional work.
The form of the intakes in the wingroots must be shaped for the specific series model.
I used the landing gear and parts of the tail unit from the EDUARD La-7 kit.
The horizontal stabilier must be altered for this LaGG-3 (Serie 35).
The walls of the cockpit with its structure are really good and need only colour.
I used a plastic sheet to made the instrument panel: I drill some 0.8 and 0.5 mm holes and the panel is ready.
I added some plastic stripes to the armored plate to made the one big enough to cover the pilots shoulders.
For the rear windows I cut the fuselage and added a new vakuformed part. Here I had only to cover the windows with tape.
Small parts as antenna mast or pitot probe are made from wire.
The exhaust stracks are too big, so I used my own ones.
The cover of the landig gear need also some work, here I used also the pieces from my own production.
For the bigger gun I used not the wrong and bend part from the AML decal-sheet; a cannula is the better way.
For the canopy I made a new master and a home vacuformed one.
The landing light was covered with cristal clear tape.
The camouflage was applied with airbrush nearly freehand, only some areas were masked.
I used selfmixed colours from Vallejo.
The decals are from the AML decal sheet. Unfortunately the red colour of the inscription has no white layer. I go along the letters with a fine brush and Humbrol acryl red.


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