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P-39 Airacobra of N. I. Proshenkov from 69 giap, 23 giad
by Michal Sekula

September 11, 2019

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Nikolaj Ivanovich Proshenkov was born in 1918. He fought on the Eastern fronts since August 1941. He fought in I-153 and Yak-1 in the different units untill he was transfered from 21 giap (flew Yak-1, P-39 „Krasnoyarskij Komsomolec“) to 69 giap in autumn 1944, where he flew also P-39. Guard Mayor N.I. Proshenkov was squadron leader in 69 giap. He achieved 19 individual and 4 shared victories in 52 fights and was awarded Hero of Soviet Union.

Short wide white stripes on the rudder were elements of the fast recognition of the 23 giad. Color propeller spinners distinguish individual regiments (21 giap, 69 giap and 211 giap) within this Division. Also note overpainted serial numbers on the tail.

This Proshenkov's Cobra is usually identified as N-version. However, it has a little vent between propeller and front leg that is typical for the late Q-versions:

Another photo of N. I. Proshenkov in front of his Cobra nicely showing his personal decoration:

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