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P-39Q of Georgiy Baranov, 28 giap, 5 giad

by Michal Sekula

April 28, 2014
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This is profile of Georgiy Baranov’s P-39Q from 28 giap, 5 giad:

This profile is based on photo and info from interview at and shows aircraft as it looked in early May 1945 when regiment conducted bombing attacks on an enemy forces in the town Palmnicken, using 100 kg and 250 kg bombs.

28 giap together with 68 giap and 72 giap belonged to the same 5 giad. Regimental marking of 28 giap was white propeller spinner. Interestingly white band on the tail and not on the rear fuselage was the part of the regimental marking in this particular time period.

Discussion is at

Following photo is from

Pictures and info about FAB bombs taken from, put together in one doc over several layers and scaled into one common scale.