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Tomahawk Mk.II B white 58 of Lt. A.S. Khlobystov, 20 GvIAP
Updated on April 20, 2015
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Drawing by Tapani Tuomanen


Tomahawk Mk.IIB of Lt. A.S.Khlobystov of 20 GIAP, Murmashi airport.

This pilot was famous for having performed two Taran attacks on 8 April 1942, plus one on 14 May 1942, being then awarded with the Golden Star on 6 June 1942.

He was killed in action on 13 December 1943, after having scored 7 individual plus 24 shared victories.

The look of the plane was reproduced in many discordant ways on drawings in bibliography; now we try to render it after an accurate exam of these photos ( from Red Stars 4, Geust and Petrov, ed. Apali, and from Zaika).

The plane is visible only from the right side. It has a RAF dark earth/dark green/sky livery (or its US equivalent) with a white spinner. The British marks are deleted by repainting them with British colors. The white blotches are softly sprayed on the brown blotches only, covering about 50% of their surface, and not on the green bands. It's likely that this rule was applied on the other side and on the wings. In some points. the white paint can be slightly overposed to the national stars on the tail.

Many profiles in bibliography report some victory stars on the left side of the fuselage, perhaps inscribed into a olive green rectangle. So we have drawn an hypothetical line of starlets on the left side of this profile, taking inspiration from photos of other planes of the same unit, but its real existance is uncertain.