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Curtiss P-40 E white 65 of Maj. A.A. Matveyev, 154th IAP
Updated on April 25, 2014
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Drawing by Tapani Tuomanen


This drawing represents the Curtiss P-40 E White 65 of the commander of the 154th IAP, A.A. Matveyev, in Leningrad area, 1942. The number of victories painted on the plane, 15, was exaggerated for propaganda purposes, as the pilot himself declared later; in mid '42, he had only 4personal + 2 shared victories; his record passed to 5+2 at the war's end (7+7 considering the victories in HalhinGol war).

Another image of plane 65, but the pilot depicted here is Maj. Pokryshev, not the pilot of this plane but of the similar White 50.

Image from Red Stars of Geust, Keskinen, Stenman, ed. Apali

Note the arrangement of the wire aerial: from the fin to the back of the fuselage, and to the right wingtip. This arrangement changed between planes.

Below, photo of another similar plane (95?).