Curtiss P-40E white 70 of G.V.Gromov, 20 GvIAP
Updated on May 31, 2014
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Drawing by Tapani Tuomanen

Plane n.70 was used as a background for many photos of pilots of 20 GvIAP in Murmashi airport in Karelia; Capt. Georgi V.Gromov, thought to be the pilot of this plane, is the one on the right. He was the commander of 2nd Eskadrilya. The unit was equipped with P-40s at the beginning of 1942, that were replaced by P-39s at the end of the year. He reached 18 victories at the end of the war. 15 victories reported on this photo seem too many for 1942; possibly they were painted for propaganda purposes.

The plane in the photos below is thought to be the same plane.

Images from Aviamaster 5/1999, and from Stalin's falcons of Tomas Polak.