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Curtiss P-40 E white 79 of Capt. N.A. Zelenov, 154 IAP
Updated on May 28, 2014
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Drawing by Tapani Tuomanen


P-40E of Capt.N.A.Zelenov, deputy squadron commander of 154 IAP (later 29 GIAP), Leningrad front, summer 1942

Probably this plane never had US markings, but was painted with red stars on the tail and under the wings over olive drab and neutral grey livery, as the similar n.51. The red stars on the fuselage (with a strange black outline of non uniform thickness), the white spinner, the number 79 (and, of course, the victory stars and the visible green repaintings over olive drab) were added by Soviets.

Photo on the right: Capt.N.A.Zelenov near plane 79. He was made HSU on February 10, 1943; he was killed in action on June 29, 1944, after having obtained 24 personal and 10 shared victories.

Photo on the left: another pilot and other similar planes of the same unit.

Images from Red Stars and Red Stars 4, ed. Apali.