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Curtiss P-40N White 23 of 78th IAP VVS SF
Updated on April 25, 2014
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Drawing by Tapani Tuomanen


The drawing shows P-40N white 23 of 78 IAP VVS SF, the same unit of plane 26 of Kovalenko.

On the base of the photos below, we know that the plane was painted olive drab with medium green blotches and neutral grey undersurface, as from US standards; the US markings, of the type with side bars, were deleted with Soviet green. Tail numbers were deleted in some way, possibly one by one. The rear part of the spinner, visible on the ground, was olive drab, while the front one is supposed to be white. The Soviet red stars are with a wide white outline, but without the thin red outline, as clearly visible on the thorn piece of wing undersurface.

The third machine gun on each wing is thought to have been removed.