Curtiss P-40 K white 79 of L.S. Kulakov , 103rd GvIAP
Updated on May 2, 2015
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Drawing by Tapani Tuomanen


Plane n.79 was flown by Leonid Sergeevich Kulakov of 158th IAP, that became 103rd GvIAP on 7 July 1943. The unit was stationed near Kovalevo.


An image of the plane, showing part of the bort number, that can be only a 79, slightly inclined downwards. The horizontal stripe should be a red stencil, seen on other P-40s too. The camouflage is clearly the DrPont style. There are not visible deletions of previous markings with Soviet paint. The plane looks to have an horizontal dent on the lower part of its side.

Seems that the camouflage is continuing under the rear glazing, that appears light because of the reflection.

Photos of the nose show a characteristic repainting made with black paint on the side of the cooler, with a small extension towards the spinner. A change in color suggests that a small panel behind the exhaust pipes was replaced with one from another plane. Note the light look of the landing gear light and disk.

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