Curtiss P-40 K-15 white 93 of 191 IAP
Updated on April 23, 2014
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Drawing by Tapani Tuomanen


This drawing depicts an interesting P-40 K-15 'white 93' of 191 IAP in late 1943.

The most interesting visual characteristic of the plane is the sharkmouth and a sort of eye just behind the spinner.

The white rudder is interesting too; white or silver rudders and front of the spinner are typical of this unit. Unfortunately here the color of the spinner is uncertain, because the one in the photo below can't credibly be white nor silver. It could be light blue (excluding white, red, yellow and silver)

The number on the tail can be read as '28', but some research explained here suggests that this is plane 42-10282, so the original serial painted was 210282; on the photo, the '210' is covered by the white paint on the rudder, and the last 2 is scarcely visible.

Another photo, apparently of the same plane. The spinner appears light, but not as light as the fillets of the sharkmouth.

Photos from Red Stars 4, of Geust, Keskinen. Stenman, ed. Apali