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White 42 of 401 IAP
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This profile shows an aircrafte of 401 IAP, Moscow front, 1941. 
401 IAP, as 402 IAP, was an elite unit made by test pilots, that flew to the front on 30th June 1941. 
It was formed on initiative of Hero of the Soviet Union Stepan Suprun, that was its first commander, and died on combat on 4 July 1941.

from Unknown battles on the sies of moscow of Hazanov

The aircraft is visible on the poor photo above   and on a Red Stars videotape.
Its characteristics look to be:

Here is an hypothetical recostruction of the upper scheme, partially based on what is visible on the videotape. 
The black bands were painted on the base of an early solid green scheme; some black bands probably covered the red stars on the wings uppersurfaces. 
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