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6 or 4?
Last updated on January 10, 2006                                               file name: 6or4.html
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This profile is based on three photos. 

Its characteristics seem to be:

  • early type example, without slats;
  • with radio mast;
  • it wears a yellow 6 on the rudder, but it has a white  number with two digits (4 and a rounded digit, hypothetically 0) on the fuselage side;
  • green base camouflage, with dark green field applied bands, with rough black repaintings, extended on light blue and red stars too;
  • bomb racks under the wings; 
  • the underwing ammo doors look sealed with dark adhesive tape;
  • fixed tail wheel covered by a light blue tissue cover;
  • green spinner, probably with some small black repainting;
  • green and/or black painted propeller blades (I think green with small black repaintings).


A previous version of the centre photo was too contrasted, and seemed to show the aircraft with white wings, moving on a snowed surface, and armed with rockets.

Here is an hypothetical recostruction of the camo scheme, based on:
  • what is visible on the photos, with special regard to the wings leading edges;
  • the presupposition that the aircraft was originally painted with overall green uppersurfaces, and had red stars on the wing uppersurfaces as standard for such MiGs; the stars were probably covered by the field applied dark green camouflage, so dark green bands are likely close to the wingtips;
  • the wingroots were subject to strong wearing due to the boots of pilots and technicians, that usually removed the layer of paint; so it's likely to find black repaintings here.
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