Kit Accessories 1/48
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The Russian firm Equipage makes resin wheels with rubber tyres both for 1/72 (EQU-72167) and for 1/48 (EQU-48055) kits.


The firm Cutting Edge produces a resin cockpit interior for the ICM MiG-3, 1/48.
Please see the review of Peter Vill.

It is surely a good set, but I would observe that the technical drawings of the MiG-3 show that a large amount of space should remain between the tube strut and the inner face of the side panels, and this could suggest to take in consideration the use of the original strut of the ICM kit, maybe detailed with some pieces from the side walls of this sheet. 


 The firm Fusion produces a resin propeller and spinner to improve the 1/48 ICM kit. Here we see a comparison between the kit's propeller (light) and the resin one (dark). 


The firm Aeromaster Decals makes two 1/48 decals sheets, n.48-313 and 48-314; they seems good, but the colorful instructions sheets makes no difference between early and late versions and has some errors.


The Russian firm Moskit has released a set of exhaust stacks for ICM and other 1/48 models.
They are made by very thin metal, and are referred as extremely recommandable.
The scan was kindly sent by Jan Koennig of Modellbauversand .

The Russian firm Neomega has released a set of resin control surfaces to replace those of the ICM kit, that has a bad representation of fabric covered surfaces.
While the moulding is good and represents a neat improvement on the original kit pieces, the set doesn't resolve the problem of an irrational choice of movable parts on the ICM kit: ailerons and rudder were rarely seen in moved position while on the ground, but most photos of real MiG-3s show moved elevators and slats, that are unmovable on the kit.
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