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Kit Accessories 1/72
last modified on March 23, 2004
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The Polish firm Parts makes an apparently good photoetched sheet for 1/72 RPM kit.
It looks good, but I've not used it, partly because I didn't know it when I began the model, partly because my scarce feeling for photoetched parts.

The Russian firm Equipage makes resin wheels with rubber tyres both for 1/72 (EQU-72167) and for 1/48 (EQU-48055) kits.

The New-Zealand firm Falcon produces a 1/72 vacuformed canopy, that fits on the Red Star/Emhar kit.
It is inserted in their set Clear-Vac CV-024 alongside many other canopies for the most famous Soviet aircrafts of WW2. 
The canopies are extremely clear and well moulded, even if some of the kits for which they fit are obsolete.
The release of another sheet (part 2) is expected for the near future.

The firm Travers (P.O.Box 1227, 344007, Rostov On Don, Russia) made a decals sheet for 12 different examples in 1/72 scale.
The instruction sheet looks interesting and well documented, making difference between early and late examples.
This decal sheet looks to be no longer available.
See instruction sheets: 

Travers 1

Travers 2

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