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Azure 8
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Thisaircraft was captured by Germans at the beginning of the war. The photo shows it with panels removed, broken windshield and bullet holes. The light spots near the bullet holes are yellow primier, visible through the tissue layer lacerations.

Copyright Jan Koennig,

Its characteristics look to be: 
  • early model, without slats;
  • without  radio;
  • painted green with light blue undersurfaces (not uniform; as on other aircrafts, it looks that both colors on the metal parts are lighter than on the wooden ones); 
  • a repainting is visible on the rudder;
  • light blue (or yellow, or light blue green) number 8; it looks painted with a compass-drawn mask; 
  • probably light (blue?) pitot probe with silver end;
  • black outlined red stars in six positions (wings and fuselage);
  • probably green spinner, as usual;
  • probably silver propeller blades with partially black painted rear surface (as standard).
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