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from ICM kit, 1/48
photos of model of Gregory T. Conterio

Updated to March 15, 2008
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This is ICM's kit, with the Cutting Edge interior, and Fusion prop/spinner.

This is a speculative, field-applied scheme of AII dark and light greens over AII blue. All were mixed from Polly Scale/Aeromaster paints. It is based-on/inspired by the rendering of White 64, as found on page 78 of Soviet Airforce Fighter Colors, where you can also find a picture of the same aircraft on page 88. Having run out of patience trying to duplicate the numeral ‘64’, I took the easy way out, and used a very similar ’31’ sourced from another Aeromaster sheet. Additional modifications and details include dressing-up the radio set with some cables and wires, based on several diagrams and photos, an MV lens for the landing light. And a radio antenna made from hair harvested from the sink after one my wife’s blow-drying sessions. (Hair is, to me, the best for such antennas!). The exhausts are from the kit, carefully hollowed-out, dipped in liquid cement and coated with baking soda to reproduce a more appropriate texture, although this isn’t so apparent in my rather pedestrian photography. I also added the inert gas extractor and it’s fairing above the Left-hand exhaust.

My personal preference is lightly-weathered aircraft, and I kept it so with a very sheer wash in the panel lines, some appropriate paint chipping, and powdered pastels. It still photographs rather starkly. So I might be tempted to add a bit more.

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