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The 1/32 kits
Updated on December 20, 2003                                                file name: kits32.html
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Trumpeter, 1/32
The Chinese firm Trumpeter is releasing a 1/32 kit. I haven't examined it yet, but here is a quick review with some images of the box, of the instructions sheet and of sprues. 
We see that the kit has decals for two examples, the famous white example with red arrow and the slogan Za Rodinu, and the supposed white 5 of Pokryshkin; this latter is not documented by any photo. 
By the photos found by this link, we see that the model has excellent recessed surface details, fully movable surfaces (it is the only kit having movable flaps), good details of the cockpit, exhaust stack with holes. 
It is armed by six underwing rockets. 
The kit includes some photoetched nervures and some rod to detail the flaps inner side. 
The hole on the fuselage where the elevator shaft passes is not reproduced. 
The canopy is divided into three clear pieces; I don't know if the sliding part is thin enough to be mounted open. 

The following link is to a photo gallery of a built model on the site of Trumpeter:
The excellent photos give a good impression of the model, that looks accurate in shape and in most details. Only the spinner should be slightly more conical. 
Some details could be added to the undercarriage doors inside, as the mechanism to close the central wheel doors.
Two longitudinal frames on the windshield should be on the inner side of the glass; one could delete and rebuild them by gluing two stripes of painted paper on the inner side. 
The movable surfaces show a small step that should be deleted, in correspondance to the fixed part of the wings. 
The tail wheel is represented with bulged doors; on many late examples (including Za Rodinu)  it should be fixed and its base should be covered with a canvas cover. 
The inert gas pipe on the left exhaust stack is lacking; it was not on all the examples, but Za Rodinu should have it.
The pitot probe looks too short.

This beautiful model will certainly inspire some resin detail sets, as the engine, the gunpods and perhaps a new spinner.
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