MiG-3 family
by Massimo Tessitori
updates up to June 6, 2010
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photo coloured by Massimo Tessitori

"Under a skilful rider it rushed along like an arrow, but when you lost control you could end up beneath its hoofs"
Alexander Pokryshkin, top ace of VVS during the Great Patrioctic War

Development history
Project X (or K)
I-200 prototypes
modified I-200s
MiG-1 series
early MiG-3s
late type MiG-3s
modified MiG-3s
Moving to Kuybyshev
MiG-9 (I-210)
MiG-9E (I-211)
MiG-3U (I-230)

Operative history and photo galleries
Captured during 
Operation Barbarossa (part 1)
Captured during 
Operation Barbarossa (part 2)
operative in
summer 1941
operative in 
fall 1941
operative in
winter 1941/42
 operative in 
remaining in
Pilots and 
ground crew 

MiG-3s today
MiG-3 pieces in Central Finland Aviation Museum
MiG-3 replica in Monino museum
MiG-3 restored 
in Novosibirsk
MiG-3 wrecks recovered
MiG-3 rebuilt 
by Aviarestoration part 1
images by Vseslav V. Dyakonov
MiG-3 rebuilt 
by Aviarestoration part 2
images by Boris Osetinsky
MiG-3 rebuilt by Aviarestoration at MAKS2005 and photographic walkaround
images by Yuri Pasholok

Discussion topics and researches
The length of early and late MiG-3s
a research of Alexey Matvienko
translation by Alexander Ruchkovsky
How red were the red wings of red 02?
Striped 27: tiger or camaleon?

MiG-3 colors and profiles gallery

I-200 prototypes
prewar solid green painting
standard bands scheme
winter schemes 
field repaintings
captured and remarked
detail colors
color chips

Technical detail images of MiG-3
External details
Modelling a MiG-3
1/72 model kits Cap Croix Du Sud
Italeri, Zvezda and Encore
Red Star and Emhar RPM
 Hobby Boss
1/48 model kits Classic Airframes
ICM Pomk AModel
1/32 model kits Trumpeter      
1/72 accessories photoetched set by Parts resin wheels by Equipage vacuform canopy from Falcon decal sheet from

1/48 accessories
decals for 1/48 kits from Aeromaster  resin wheels by Equipage cockpit detail sheet by Cutting Edge resin propeller by 
metal exhaust stacks by Moskit resin control surfaces by Neomega    
1/32 accessories decals for 1/32 kit from DataDecals adhesive mask for clear parts by Eduard  resin/photoetched set
by Contact Resine
 adhesive mask for markings by Montex

Building the 
Maquette / RPM 
Modifying a model
of late MiG-3 into 
an early type

MiG-3 Za Rodinu 
by Przemek Skulski 
Trumpeter 1/32
MiG-3 red 02 
by Massimo Tessitori 
Maquette 1/72
MiG-3 black 7 
by Chris Hewitt 
Trumpeter 1/32
MiG-3 models photogallery 
of  Sovietwarplanes.com 
models of Basil and Ricardo Cornejo
MiG-3 red 02 
by Michael Neradkov 
ICM 1/48
 MiG-3 white 5 
by Bruno Daldosso 
ICM 1/48
 MiG-3 Smert nemetskim okkupantim 
by Matthias Erben 
RPM 1/72
 MiG-3 black 7 
by Marcin Widomski 
ICM 1/48
MiG-3 Za Stalina 
by Pascal Divay 
Emhar 1/72
MiG-3 black 36 
by Honza Jezl 
Hobby Boss 1/72
MiG-1 red 8 
by Uwe Borchert 
conversion from Hobby Boss 1/72
MiG-3 white 54 
by Libor Jekl 
Hobby Boss 1/72
MiG-3 blue 9
by Plator Kalakulla
Hobby Boss 1/72 
MiG-3 white 31
by Gregory T. Conterio
ICM 1/48
MiG-3 white 04
by Jan Kárník
Trumpeter 1/48
MiG-3 n.46
by Ilya Grinberg
Easy Model, 1/72

Bibliography, references and links

Thanks to the following persons that have contributed to this work:

Audrius Nairanauskas for many informations, traslations and images from Russian sources, and for having kindly sent  to me the book "Istrebitel MiG-3" of Medvedv, Hazanov, Maslov as a kind gift; thank you Audrius.
Jouni Ronkko for having sent to me his collection of digital images and links;
Robert Peczkowski, editor of Barbarossa Victims, for having sent to me informations and images from the book;
Giovanni Carlassare for having sent to me some photostats;
Kovalsky Alexey of the firm "Avion" for his excellent photos of the aircraft restored in Novosibirsk;
Matthias Erben for some informations, traslations and images of his model;
Ilya Grimberg for some informations and images;
Gianpiero Manca for some images, and for the photos of his model;
Stephane Wrobel  for some images, magazines and informations;
Andi Szekeres for some images of the Rumanian captured aircraft;
Lee Jong Tae for some images;
Hannu Valtonen, Director of the  Tikkakoski FinnAF Museum, for some informations;
Dmitriy Sribny   of www.airforce.ru   for the photos of the MiG-3 replica in Monino;
Thomas Siepert for photos of the wreckages of  Tikkanoski Museum;
Rostislav Bardokin  for the photos of the wreckages from the Black Sea;
Aleksej Ilic of Gremlinmodels for some scans;
Jan Koennig of  www.Jetmodell.de for many scans from his original photos;
Kai Mecklin, Director of the Central Finland Aviation Museum, for a lot of images;
Liuzimin  for some scans;
Alexey Matvienko for his research on the lenght of different versions of MiG-3 and for some other help;
Alexander Ruchkovsky for his help with traslations and other informations;
John Myers for his help with bw photos interpretation;
István Vadász for some scans and suggestions;
Jan van den Heuvel for a scan from original photo;
Carl-Fredrik Geust for some scans;
Przemek Skulski for the photos of his model and for a copy of the new monograph "Migi Stalina", ed. Ajaks, aut.Cieslak and Jackiewicz;
Valera Mel'nikov for a movie from Russian TV and for comments and suggestions on the walkaround;
Basil for the photos of his model;
Mark Sheppard for informations on the MiG-3 restored by Rusavia;
Peter Schömer for his images of the MiG-3 restored by Rusavia;
Yuri Pasholok for his detailed images of rebuilt MiG-3 at MAKS 2005;
Marcin Widomski for the scans of his wartime images and photos of his model;
Michael Neradkov (Michael XIII) for the images and report about his model;
Pascal Divay, Honza Jezl, Chris Hewitt, Uwe Borchert, Libor Jekl, Plator Kalakulla,Gregory T. Conterio, Jan Karnik for the images and report about their models

This work collects also a lot of photos and drawings from many sources, not always identified and mentioned.
If someone has some rights on the images here reproduced, please email to me and I shall provide to remove or to credit them.
While the historical photos are of public domain (except where otherwise stated), my color profiles and coloured photos are copyrighted.
If someone is interested in any use of them, please email me; higher resolution version is available for printing purposes.
If someone has questions, critiques or corrections, or some further images to show, please email to me.
Massimo Tessitori

updates up to June 6, 2010
Dictionary of abbreviations
VVS research index