Estyen's red 1
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This aircraft (serial n.2171) piloted by Lt. N.M.Estyen, 5 AP VVS KBF; he made a forced landing after being hit by AA fire near Utti air base in southern Finland on July 12, 1941.
The dark shades on the damaged wing are probably light reflections over the gloss distorted surface of the wing, except the one near the wing root, that is a paint retouch.

photo from Red Stars n.1

Its characteristics look to be: 
  • early type, without slats;
  • with radio mast and fully radio boxes;
  • painted green with light blue undersurfaces ( not uniform; as on other aircrafts, it looks that both colors on the metal parts are lighter than on the wooden ones); green repaintings are evident;
  • dark red (darker than the shade of the stars) digit 1 with light blue-green outline on the rudder;
  • dark red trim, both on rudder and on the right elevator;
  • light (blue?) pitot probe with silver end;
  • black outlined red stars in six positions (wings and fuselage);
  • silver propeller blades with partially black painted rear surface (as standard).
Remains of this aircraft still exist in the Vesivehmaa museum; they show a FS-35352 light blue on the undersurfaces (both metallic and wooden) and cockpit interior panels, and on a repainting visible on the green stabilizer.
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