red 14
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This aircraft was probably photographed during the summer 1941, partially dismantled in a field having fallen into German hands. It appears on at least 4 different photos.

Its characteristics look to be:
  • early type, without slats;
  • without radio mast and radio boxes;
  • painted green with light blue undersurfaces (unusually uniform colors, without strong shade difference between metallic and wooden parts; the metallic parts appear glosser than the wooden ones);
  • the spinner was probably green;
  • red number 14 with light blue-green (or light blue?) outline on the rudder;
  • black outlined red stars in six positions (wings and fuselage);
  • propeller blades are probably unpainted alluminium with partially black painted rear surface; the black paint often was so worn that the surface looks unpainted;
  • probably light blue pitot with silver end.

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