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Last Updated on February 13, 2003
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My best references are photostats of drawings from a Russian book whose name wasn't told to me, probably it was "Sovietskie Istrebiteli" edited in the '80s. Many details from these drawings are enclosed in this site.

Books and magazines

Scale Aircraft Modeller International, n. 7 July 1998 (English)
articles of  R. J. Caruana and Harry Woodman: has good 3-view 1/48 drawings of both versions, 10 color profiles, some interior details (engine included) and some good photos.

Soviet Combat Aircraft of the Second World War, Volume One (English)
of Yefim Gordon and Dmitri Khazanov: it gives a technical and historical description of all the Soviet fighters of WW2, including all the versions and the prototypes, with good b/n photos and drawings and some color profiles (not of MiG-3).

OKB MiG of Piotr Butowsky and Jay Miller (English)
It gives a good historical and technical description of the aircraft, with a lot of photos, forthemost small but reasonably clear; it describes the MiG-3 derivatives as I-210, I-211, I-230 and I-231. The drawings are too small and not good.
This remakable book describes all the MiG types, comprising all the prototypes.

Red Stars n.1 (English-Finnish)
of Carl-Fredrik Geust, Kalevi Keskinen and Kari Stenman. It shows 7 large photos (reported on MiG OKB too, but these are larger). It shows 2 color profiles too (it's the only source I have found whose profiles distinguish between short-nosed and long-nosed version).
Good book of about 160 pages, with a lot of profiles and photos of nearly all Soviet types.

Replic n.65 (French)
reports an article about the construction of the Classic Airframes kit, written by Olivier Soulleys; there are 4 photos of real aircrafts (white 04, white/red 42 and 2 of MiG-1 prototypes).

Typi Broni n.66 (Polish)
 is a Profile-style Polish monography. It features a lot of color profiles (with no distinction between long-nosed and short-nosed versions), a color 3-view, a cutaway and some b/n details; there are many photos, forthemost of poor quality and retouched.

Aviacija n.3 (2000) (Russian)
reports an article about rockets used on MiG-3, with medium quality photos, Russian text and English notes.

Air International june 1984, (English)
with 7 color profiles drawn by John weal of apparently good quality (without distinction between long-nosed and short-nosed aircrafts); overall good quality, but with some mistaken or discutible interpretations.

Air International September and October 1986 (English)
reports brief technical and historical description on MiG-1, MiG-3, I-210, I-211, I-230, I-231 with small drawings and photos.

Modelizm 4/2000 (Russian)
tabloid-style Russian magazine, with an article about ICM kit and some detail drawings for correction. All written in Russian.

Some Red Star videotapes
in Russian, showing some scenes allowing to find original examples.

MiG Flugzeuge of K.H.Eyermann, ed. Transpress (German)
It was published in 1986 in the DDR; it shows 3-view and color profiles (to verify; red 02 features a red star on the spinner! Aaaagh!), a cutaway, some not exceptional photos and apparently good 3-view drawings of various related prototypes, from I-200 to I-231.

Some sources say of an article on Air Enthusiast n.19, but I haven't this magazine.

Barbarossa Victims of Tomasz J.Kopanski. (English)
B5 size 144 pages 8 in colour (about 20 colour profiles of various Russian aircrafts). 350+ B&W photos most of them never published yet on most types in service in july 1941.
There are 42 unhedited photos of operative MiG-1s (with MiG-3 style canopy) and early MiG-3s, and one color photo of German origin.
Please look at for more details.
It features a table of captured Soviet aircraft by Germans in the first weeks of the war.
This book is absolutely recommandable.

Batailles aeriennes:   (French)
Monographic magazines with many rare photos and profiles of various aircraft, including MiG-3s, plus excellent 1/72 drawings.
n.12: Operation Barbarossa (1ère partie): a pair of good photos of MiG-3;
n.13: Operation Barbarossa (2ème partie): some good photos, plus a good 1/72 drawing, plus an excellent modellistic article on RPM kit with some rare detail photos; a pair of not-so-good color profiles (reprised from older profiles of other authors);
n.16: Operation Taifun, Objectif Moscou! : good photos, good 1/72 drawing and 3 unhedited color profiles.

Black cross-red stars vol.1 and 2 of Christer Bergstrom and Andrey Mikhailov, ed. Pacifica Military History. (English)
two historical books with a good photographis support; the 2nd volume includes many color profiles of Soviet and Axis aircrafts.
The quality of historical research and comparation of various sources looks extremely good.
Some photos of MiG-3 are enclosed.

Wing Master n.2 hors serie - Barbarossa (French)
a series of photos of Soviet aircrafts and pilots, most of which unpublished or at least new for me. Many color profiles of Soviet and Axis aircrafts. There are 5 photos  and two profiles representing MiG-3s.

Unknown battles on the Moscow skies, vol.1. and 2,  of  D. Hazanov (Russian)
I have not them, but I have received many scans of MiG-3 photos, and I think they could be a valuable source with a lot of new images.

MiG-3 Fighter by A. Medved, D. Khazanov, M. Maslov, ed. Rusavia, 2003 (ISBN 5-900078-24-8). (Russian)
A monograph on the MiG-3. I have not seen it, but it was described as excellent. It collects many known images and someone more. It features a deep historical and technical description, drawings, color profiles and a detailed description of the engine development. Probably the best publication existing on this subject.

Web sites

Technical drawings has copies of very good drawings of MiG-1 prototypes (erroneously called MiG-3) to download. It has good drawings of many other aircraft, including the La-5/7, MiG 21/23/27/31, Su-22, Su-25, AH-64 and SB-2.   is a site with a mess of technical drawings, included many on MiG-3.   is a page where a lot of beautiful technical drawings are available, including some on MiG-3.    is a page with one profile and many interesting technical drawings of MiG-3 and other Russian aircrafts.

Photos and history  is an excellent article by Arsenyev , written in Russian, on the MiG-1, with many images; good articles on MiG-3, MiG-3U, MiG-9 (I-210 and I-211) are available on the same site.  is a site about aircraft that were almost adopted from the Flygvapnet of WW2; it talks about Finnish attempt to buy 22 captured MiG-3 from Germans, with an hypothetical color profile.
Another site of the same author Jouni Ronkko with many profiles of various aircraft (particularly Finnish and Russian) is:   ; photos of models of this author can be seen at  is a site with many photos of Soviet and Russian pilots, comprising one on a MiG-3.  this site is about Russian ace Rubstov, with a photo of a MiG-3 wreck.
There are many stories on aces, Soviet and foreign, but none further MiG-3 photo.  is a wide photographic site with a page of photos of MiG-3 and many other Soviet aircrafts. is a Russian site, written in Russian, with a detailed story and some photos.   is a site with a history and some photos of MiG-3; it is a sort of aeronautical aencyclopedia with information on many other types.   is a small photo gallery of MiG-1 and 3.    is an on-line encyclopedia with some stories, data and illustrations about Mikoyan, Guryevich and all the MiG aircraft. is a Polish site where is described the new book "Barbarossa's Victims", with the reproduction (with very low resolution) of many unedited photos of MiG-3s, one of which has German crosses.
This page is not provided with a "go to main page" link, but many excellent profiles of many aircraft can be found at a Korean site with some illustrations from various sources.
is a good gallery of ww2 images, belonging to a site about Soviet/Russian aircrafts, written in German language.

Vintages and museums  a site with beautiful photos of the MiG-3 restored in Novosibirsk.   a beautiful page full of photos of pieces of a MiG-3 under reconstruction in Russia by Rusavia company.

Model building and review:   features 3 articles about the building of ICM and Classic Airframes/Flashback kits, with great photos of completed models and some good suggestions. on building an ICM kit. on an ICM kit built as a Rumanian AF aggressor. about building the Flashback kit.  is an article written in Russian on ICM MiG-3, the same appeared on Modelizm 4/2000. features an enthusiastic review of the POMK 1/48 resin kit. is an article with some color equivalences on Russian aircrafts.  is a site where one can obtain video chips of a given Federal Standard color. is a site of a large shop of Moscow, where Russian kits and accessories are described and sold. is a page on the ICM model, scritta in italiano!
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