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updated on February 28, 2005
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The internal fuselage strut is made by welded chromo-molibdenum steel tubes of slightly oval section.
The rear fuselage has a wooden structure covered by birchwood layers.
It is connected to the tubes frame by bolts (see n.3).
The metallic attachments are fixed to the wood by plates with two lines of bolts.
On the upper plates, the bolts heads (just behind the sliding hood) are covered by an aerodynamic plate.
for images see  rusavia.html rusavia2.html

from "Construction of aircrafts" 1953 edition


On the mid and aft fuselage structure of welded steel tubes, we see some shaped structures with small holes. They are for installing aluminium alloy external panels fixed by Dzus-type locks. 
The central part of wing was made of aluminium alloys, integral with the fuselage.
The tube structure of the fuselage was connected to the alluminium alloy wing by bolts.
See also rusavia2.html for images.



The outer wing consoles were quickly dismountable for transport and maintenance purposes. 
They were made by a wood structure covered by birchwood.
The ailerons, as the tail control surfaces, had an aluminium alloy strut covered by fabric.
The flaps and slats were made by aluminium alloy.

For images see  rusavia2.html  finland.html

from "Construction of aircrafts" 1953 edition

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