old white 12
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This profile represents an aircraft photographed late during the war (1943 or 1944), possibly of 7 IAP of the Black Sea Fleet
Note the similar "white 15" on the background. .
Its characteristics look:
  • late type, with slats, but exhaust stacks configuration is as on early MiG-3s on both the aircrafts shown; this is probably the result of field repairs with pieces of other aircrafts;
  • repainted probably with AMT green (including spinner) and AMT light blue; the noses of both the aircrafts look painted with a slightly darker shade;
  • white 12 is painted on the fuselage;
  • very large stars with thick white outlines, on four positions;
  • starter tooth on the spinner;
  • propeller blades painted green or black;
  • red painted trim;
  • white horizontal line painted on the rudder;
  • tail wheel fixed without doors, with well probably closed by a canvas cover.
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