white 64
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This aircraft of 11 IAP was damaged on landing on 12 June 1943.
It appears to wear a very faded AII green/dark green camouflage, on which some repaintings with fresh dark green and/or black paint are made.
According to some interpretations, the base color was green overall, eventually sprayed over a two-shade camo that remains visible on some parts; but, in this case, it isn't clear why they repainted a new dark green band on the fuselage.

photo from Soviet Air Force Fighters colors 1941-1945

Its characteristics look to be: 
  • late model, with slats;
  • apparently without  radio and radio mast (but this could have been removed with the cowling panel);
  • apparently without the sliding canopy (it's not clear if it was flown so, or it was lost during the recovery);
  • rear part of the canopy looking dark, possibly oversprayed with camo color, or simply very dirty;
  • inert gas pipe on the left exhaust stack;
  • camouflaged green and dark green with light blue undersurfaces;
  • white number 64;
  • red stars on the tail (with white outline) and under the wings;
  • white spinner, black propeller blades.
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