White Down, Red 3
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This aircraft was photographed in winter 1941/42 after a forced landing, and captured by Germans.

photo from Jan Koennig's collection   (C) Jetmodell.de

Its characteristics are:
  • late type, without slats;
  • radio mast and wires (on the photo, the mast is hidden by the German soldier);
  • overall semigloss non uniform white or very light grey, with partially camouflaged rudder, with light blue undersurfaces (the demarcation line is visible behind the tail shadow);
  • probably red digit 3 and part of a larger red star visible on the green part of the stabilizator (see detail);
  • unusually located small red stars;
  • dark white propeller and rear spinner, with uniform white spinner point and non uniform white blades;
  • red (?) trim on rudder and elevators;
  • the shape of the tail wheel is difficult to understand, probably it is a fixed one deformed by the hard landing (a retractable one should be up as the main undercarriage);
  • possibly underwing rockets as on most MiGs in winter 1941/42.

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