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Za Rodinu
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This example is one of the most famous ones, photographed during the delivery ceremony.
The photo was shot on February 23, 1942, when they were delivered to 172 IAP; they could be between the last MiG-3 even built. This unit was already equipped with LaGG-3s and Yak-1s, so the MiGs were passed to 122 IAP.
The photo shows compressed air bottles on the ground, parachutes on the wings and wheel stops.
The characteristics are: 
  • late type with slats, probably armed with 2 ShVAK 20 mm guns;
  • uniform white uppersurfaces, with light blue undersurfaces (the undersurface color was interpreted as white by some authors, but it's probably due to snow reflex; the underwing star of the second aircraft of the photo is light too, and this demonstrates the presence of reflexes);
  • fixed tail wheel;
  • white propeller blades;
  • underwing rocket rails, without rockets;
  • "za rodinu" ("for homeland") slogan on both sides (as known from other images);
  • the color of the arrow and of the spinner is slightly darker than the stars; I have assumed a darker shade of red;
  • the stars on the fuselage sides are slightly rotated;
  • the inert gas pipe on the left side is visible on another image.


The second aircraft of the row has the "Za Stalina" ("for Stalin") slogan on its sides; it differs from the first one for the slightly longer arrow, and the spinner with the same red as stars.


The third aircraft has the "Za partii bolshevikov"  ("for Bolshevik Party") slogan on its sides; it is equipped with radio mast (but no radio box is visible); the arrow is about as long as on the first aircraft.


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