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Photo gallery of post-war MiG-3s wrecks
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In recent years, a wreckage of a MiG-3 (motor frame, engine, center of the plane and middle part of fuselage) was found at the bottom of Black Sea.
We see it is a late example.
The author of these b/w photos Rostislav Bardokin visited Anapa ( a small town on the Black Sea ) Museum and obtained more information. 
This MiG-3 belonged to 7 IAP VVS ChF (Black Sea fleet) , piloted by Fiodor Yegorov. 
Mig-3 was not shot down, but felt down into the sea during the take off. The Anapa airfield of regiment was close to the sea and airstrip was toward the slope in direction of the sea. 
The pilot didn't survive to the crash.
The Mig-3 was located about 1 km away from the bank of the sea just in front of the airstrip.

After the wreckages were lifted up, they were stored in the port for a long time. 
The OKB Mikoyan had an interest to these wreckages as well as the aviarestoration group of Novosibirsk, but  museum workers assure that those wreckages were scrapped.
In this museum are stored machine gun UB, airscrew and armored seat-plate from this MiG

The society "Aviascan" has conducted research for war wrecks in Karelia, finding the central part of this MiG fuselage, wings, and other pieces during the year 2001. This society recovered also the wrecks of one of the I-153 that was restored by the firm "Avion" and now flies in New Zealand.

Their site is at URL , while the direct link to MiG-3 wrecks page is:

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