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MiG-3 restoration by Aviarestoration at MAKS 2005

and commented walkaround

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The MiG-3 rebuilt by Aviarestoration of Novosibirsk for the company Rusavia was exposed to the exposition MAKS 2005 in Moscow during August 2005.
This wide walkaround was provided by Yuri Pasholok, that is the owner of the copyright on photos. They can't be reproduced without his permission.

This restoration is made in excellent way, and it is by far better of anything has been done in the past; however, note that it is not 100% original, and it differs from wartime MiG-3s for small details, some of which have been identified on the comments. Please take in mind this before utilizing photos as references for a model.

The painting scheme is typical of early prewar MiG-3s, but, for what I know, it was not used on late type MiG-3s as the restored one. Besides the demarcation lines between blue and green are not perfectly identical to prewar style.

Click on each of following voices to see a wider and commented walkaround.

nose and engine cowling

19 commented images

left fuselage side

10 commented images

right fuselage side

4 commented images

tail surfaces

12 commented images


16 commented images

main landing gear

15 commented images

main landing gear wells

8 commented images

tail wheel

4 commented images

canopy and rear bay

16 commented images

instruments panel

14 commented images

right cockpit wall

7 commented images

left cockpit wall

10 commented images

seat, control column 

and floor

15 commented images

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