Za Rodinu
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This aircraft was captured by Germans in the first period of war, probably in fall 1941.
It looks to feature:
  • late type, probably with slats;
  • early type tail wheel doors, not usual on late type MiG-3;
  • green and black camouflage, with unusual scheme and evident repaintings with fresher black;
  • the "za rodinu" ("for the motherland") slogan, painted white on the left side, with decreasing digit size.
Here is a reconstruction of the unusual camo scheme.
This image allows to see that the plane had the sliding hood and the antenna mast.

from barbarossa Victims

This image shows part of the camo.
Note the early type tail wheel doors.
The star looks deleted on this image, but further documents demonstate that it was present, even if in bit unusual position and size.

from barbarossa Victims

The image below shows clearly the tail star, and hides strangely the fuselage one. This could be due to reflexions on the gloss paint.

This image shows well the late type engine cowling.
All four the available photos show the left side of the plane with the slogan; this probably means that the right side was less interesting because without any slogan.

from Migi Stalina

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