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MiG-3 ICM, 1/48
Model by Bruno Daldosso
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The ICM kit is certainly a good kit as it is; only the spinner and the fabric-covered control surfaces need to be modified.
The spinner is too rounded, so I've temporarily glued its base, installed it on the mandrel of a drill and passed it on a piece of sandpaper locked on a tablet of wood. Then I had to rescribe the panel line on the spinner.
I replaced the tail surfaces and ailerons with the beautiful ones of Griffon, unfortunately the stabilizers are a bit thin and require a careful sanding.
I've utilized the internal details set of cutting Edge, that is very beautiful and fits without any difficulty.
I've replaced the wheels of the kit, too large, with other resin ones; I've reproduced the mechanisms of the landing gear bay and I added some short pieces of drilled sprue to represent the gun's thermal sleeves protruding from the nose. I've added the starter dog too, because this plane was one of tge few MiG-3s equipped with this device.
The model was painted as white 5 of Black Sea Fleet in 1942. I had to paint the number by brush.