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Yak-3 Eduard (profipack) 1/48
Model by Mark Brown
Uploaded on July 8, 2006
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Yak- 3, flown by Major Nikolai Fedorovich Denchik, 1 AE Commander, Guards Red Banner "Orshanskii", Order of Aleksandr Nevskii IAP, 4 GIAD, 1st Baltic front, winter 1944. The aircraft was donation from the Manchenkovskii Rural Soviet of Kharkov Region.

Decals from Aeromaster set 48642. Finished in Enamels from White Ensign Models and Humbrol. Everything else was included within the ProfiPack. Minor improvements were made to the instrument panel and to the oil cooler intakes. Brake lines were added with copper wire. No further enhancements were required. Camouflage pattern was a little vague from the Aeromaster instructions so I airbrushed it on based upon a similar pattern in Erik Pilawskii’s ‘Soviet Air Force Fighter Colours 1941-45’. There were some minor fit problems with the kit but otherwise it was excellent.

Build diary & construction photos shown at

Full build review available upon request.