Pe-8 after the war
Updated on January 30, 2016
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Plane s/n 4218, the eighth one, received a modernization of the airframe, landing gear, the new AM-35A engines and tail unit type CF-1 TAT. It was one of the few early-type aircraft survived the war.

After the war, in 1945, it was used as a flying laboratory for testing the engine AL-82FN, mounted on its nose.

Pe-8 in a demolition facility in the early '50s. One can see the apparently uniform uppersurface livery, that someone considers as an uniform A-33m grey livery for the uppersurfaces, introduced in late 1944.


Plane CCCP-H398 (SSSR-N398) of Polar Aviation. The plane has an orange high visibility livery.

The emblem of the polar aviation (a white bear inside a dark blue circle) is visible on the tail.


plane CCCP-H396 (SSSR-N396) of Polar Aviation. The emblem of Polar Aviation is visible on the right side of the nose.










Drawing of the same plane from Pe-8 Der sowjetische Fernbomber of Ulrich Unger

Below: always the same plane, but this thime the engine cowlings appear dark.


Another plane of Polar Aviation, apparently with a darker livery (red?).

A Russian forum on polar aviation can be found at

(but at a first look, there is nothing on Pe-8s)

Above: plane CCCP H-556 (SSSR N-556 in Western translitteration) nerar Moscow in 1954. Note the different propellers and ASh-73 engines in their shining cowlings.

Left: Pe-8 of Polar Aviation. The painting is interesting: I don't think it is an old camouflage (as apparently preserved by the C-47 on the background) because there are not undersurfaces of different colors; it looks likely that the plane is painted orange with a soft blue nose and a red lightning.

Below: another plane with the same blurried blue (?) nose on orange (?) background. It differs from the previous one for its dark spinners. The engine nacelles and a part of the wings around them appear painted with blurried dark blue (?). An inscription, probably "Aviaarktika", can be seen on the side of the nose.


Two images of plane CCCP H-562 (SSSR N-562) while transporting a dismantled Mi-1 helicopter.

Note the later ASh-73 engines with four-bladed propellers.

Below, details of the helicopter

Images from Pe-8 Der sowjetische Fernbomber of Ulrich Unger

Color profile of the same plane, from Pe-8 Der sowjetische Fernbomber of Ulrich Unger