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SB family
by Massimo Tessitori
Updated on October 13, 2013
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Evolution and painting of SB in Soviet service


Evolution and painting of SB in Soviet AF service

flat-engined variants: SB 2M-100, M-100A, M-103

Evolution and painting of SB in Soviet AF service

sharp-engined variants: SB 2M-103A/U, M-104, M-105

Evolution and painting of USB in Soviet AF service

all training variants


The last operative member of SB family, plus SB-MMN and SBB prototypes



Tupolev SB of M.Maslov, ed. Icarus : the main reference on this subject of SB and derivatives in English.

Airwar 064 and 065: very wide and complete monographs, in Russian

Tupolew SB, Monografie Lotnicze n.083, very good monograph im Polish

Squadron-Signal in Action n.194- Tupolev SB: nice monograph in English with a lot of good photos.


Links: is an excellent gallery of photos, profiles and scale drawings. good general topic on SB in Russian a wide collection of profiles of SB photographic report of the discovery of a wreck. In Russian. a mine of photos, many of which taken by German soldiers during Barbarossa and showing lots of SB, forthemost wrecked. walkaround of the plane preserved in Monino excellent article on the evolution of SB and Ar-2, in Russian,5483.312.html good images of a well detailed SB inside for a flight simulator

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