Tu-2P „White 4“, 1945
By Michal Sekula
December 21, 2015
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Tu-2P from April 1945, Poland:

It is believed that all photos below show the same aircraft.

Photo is not clear, according to the some authors this Tu-2P is painted in the standard 3-shades camouflage, others preffer 2-shades grey painting in the upper surfaces.

Hard to say whether painting of the front of the right engine nacelle is the result of the maintenance repainting, or it is kind of humor decoration of this plane crew.

Bluegrey AMT-11 and dark grey AMT-12 areas are made according to the scheme for Pe-2 from January 1945.
Photos are not clear, so this is more-less What-if profile, but at least is nicely shows grey-grey scheme.

Resources & Photos:
S.V. Ivanov, Vojna v vozduche no. 66 – Tu-2 (Air War no.66 – Tu-2)