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Tu-2 in Hungary
By Michal Sekula
November 8, 2015
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After the WWII the Soviet troops remained in Hungary and a substantial influence on the political, social and military development was evident. In 1947 the People's Republic of Hungary was proclaimed and in August 1949 a Soviet style constitution came into effect. Hungary became an initial member of the Warsaw Treaty in 1955.
At that time the Hungarian Air Force flew already large numbers of MiG-15, MiG-17, Il-10 and Tupolev Tu-2. The extremely inflate of the Army devoured a majority of the state budget, so that the Hungarian economy in the middle of the 50's nearly broke down. On 23 October 1956 the discontent unloaded itself in a rising of the people, which was directed in particular against Soviet patronizing and the communist government. Also parts of the Hungarian military took part in the uprising. Already on 24th October the intervention of Soviet troops began. The bloody striking down of the rebellion with unrestricted force of arms lasted until 4th of November. Following the suppression of the uprising the Hungarian Army was disarmed until 1957 when a timid reconstruction of the air force began with MiG-15 and MiG-17 fighters, Li-2 transport aircraft and Il-28 bombers.

Tu-2S board no. „10“ served in Hungarian Airforce since 1953.

Here are another Hungarian Tu-2 planes from the mid fifties:

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