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Tu-2 in Indonesia
By Michal Sekula
November 8, 2015
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The rise of the communist party in Indonesia has drawn Indonesia closer to the Eastern Block. Several Soviet-built aircraft began to arrive in the early 60’s. Indonesia even became the first non-Soviet country to receive and operate the new Tu-16 Badger bombers. Up to 25 Tu-16 Badgers arrived and gave a great deterrent power when facing some rebellions and confrontations. Several kinds of MiG also arrived comprising MiG-15UTI, MiG-17F/PF, MiG-19S and MiG-21F-13, supported with Il-28, Mi-4, Mi-6 and An-12. Some Tu-2 from China also arrived, intended to replace the B-25, but sadly they never reached operational status. These aircraft served along with the remaining western aircraft such as B-25, A-26, C-47 and P-51.

Indonesian Tu-2, originally Chinese plane, only marking and tail number is repainted: