Tu-2S „Menschevskij kolchoznik“, 1945
By Michal Sekula
January 13, 2016
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The profiles of two Tu-2S from the squadron „Menschevskij kolchoznik“ belonged to the 836 bap (bombardirovchnij aviapolk – bomber air regiment):

Ten Tu-2S aircrafts were built from the money collection of the kolkhozniks from the Meschevskij rajon. The request for collection was published in the local newspaper on Feb 15, 1944, subsequently it was collected 4.1 millions rubles (ie. 410 thousands rubles per one Tu-2S). Aircrafts were built in the Zavod ?.23 from where they flew to 836 bap on Oct 19, 1944 and were assigned to the third squadron. They participated in the Berlin Operation.

Photo of the memorial in the Meschovsk city:

Resources & Photos:
S.V. Ivanov, Vojna v vozduche no. 66 – Tu-2 (Air War no.66 – Tu-2)