Tu-2S „Moskva 32“, 1945
By Michal Sekula
December 21, 2015
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Tu-2S „Moskva 32“ from 6 DBAP:

Tu-2s „Moskva“ were donated on October 16, 1944. The photo of the plane „White 32“ suggests 3-shades camouflage as from factory sketch: brown, green and grey, with the part over the wings faded and the tail and rear fuselage repainted with fresher colors:

This color photo (screen shot) althought of the low resolution shows the wing upper surfaces painted light brown:

The detal pictures of the plane no. „26“ from the same unit:

Lieutenant A.I. Pogodin, Aerodrome Kamisikuka, Sakhalin, September 1945:

Mechanic of the plane Vasily Kabardin, November 1945:

Tu-2S „White 32 Moskva“ ended up as an instructional airframe in Kharkov VATU and survived into 1950-ies:

Resources & Photos:
S.V. Ivanov, Vojna v vozduche no. 66 – Tu-2 (Air War no.66 – Tu-2)