Tu-2 in Poland
By Michal Sekula
November 8, 2015
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Polish Aviation Museum, Kaków:
In Poland probably seven Tu-2's were utilised in 1950-1957. The first public show took place in 1950, during the 1st May celebrations. In the time of its service, the Polish Navy utilised the aircraft for the reconnaissance missions as well. By the end of 1950's the special target towing unit was formed out of the withdrawn aircraft. The last machines flew in Poland until 1957. The aircraft on display was built in 1947. In the mid 50's it was rebuilt and adapted for ejection seat tests. After retirement, it was handed over to the museum in 1964.

In present days in Poland Tu-2 can be seen at the Polish Aviation Museum in Kraków (Tu-2S used for testing ejection seats) and at the Museum of the Polish Army in Warsaw (Tu-2S used by 7th Independent Dive Bomber Regiment).