Tu-2T, 1947
By Michal Sekula
December 21, 2015
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Tu-2T was produced in Zavod 23 during years 1946-1948. Three regiments were armed with this type in the year 1950:
- 5 MTAP of Black Sea Fleet,
- 66 MTAP of Baltic Sea Fleet,
- 52 MTAP of Pacific Fleet.

Photos show Tu-2T during factory and state trials in 1947:

The document of NKAP from 1943 does not provide 3-shades templates specifically for Tu-2 camouflage. However, here is a factory sketch according to Vaklamov and Orlov:


Resources & Photos:
S.V. Ivanov, Vojna v vozduche no. 66 – Tu-2 (Air War no.66 – Tu-2)