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Tu-2S „White 6“, 1945
By Michal Sekula
December 21, 2015
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Tu-2S „White 6“ in 1945:

Photos show an unusually light Tu-2S. It could be a dark grey-green-light brown camo sheme (NKAP 1943) oversprayed probably with light brown, bleached by sun on the wing tips and longitudinally on the rear fuselage and transversally on the tail. The rudder looks from another plane.
The background and the dark shade of the tail of the photographing plane confirm that the photo is not overexposed, so the colors of the plane are really very light.


Resources & Photos:
S.V. Ivanov, Vojna v vozduche no. 66 – Tu-2 (Air War no.66 – Tu-2)