Profiles of UT-1

of Tapani Tuomanen

Updated on April 20, 2014

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Racer 4

flown by V.P. Fumes during the racing Moscow-Sevastopol-Moscow, July 1937

Racer 5

flown by Ilyin during the racing Moscow-Sevastopol-Moscow, July 1937

UT-1 CCCP-C3552

Ex-VVS transferred to Osoaviakhim, Moscow 1940

Black 17

160th IAP, Minsk, summer 1941

Blue 2 with starlet

Vilnus, summer 1941

Black 2 of Chinese Air Force

Central Aviation School. Kunming, China. 1938

UT-1 with yellow band captured by Germans

Bobruisk, summer 1941

UT-1 UH+LK remarked by Germans

UT-1b White 4

s/n 47445 of 23th Aviation Regiment of Black Sea Fleet, February 1942.


this work collects a lot of photos from many sources, not always identified and mentioned.
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