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Yak-9UT 1/72
testbed with 57-mm cannon
Model by Bert Andermann
uploaded on July 14, 2009
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The Yak-9 UT was a derivative of the VK-107 engined Yak-9U, obtained by replacing the engine-mounted ShVAK 20 mm gun with more powerful weapons: NS-23, N-37, N-45 and even 57 mm guns, and replacing the syncronized weapons with new B-20 guns; for 45 mm and 57 mm armed planes, one of these syncronised guns was deleted to lighten the plane.
The T letter in the name of the plane was for Tahnkovyy (tank-busting), but this armament was also intended to kill enemy planes.
In early 1945, Plant n.166 delivered 282 machines armed with one NS-23 and two syncronised B-20S guns.
Yak-9UT conserved the horizontal speed of Yak-9 U and its good handling, except for the control stick force from the elevator, that proved to be too high and was the main shortcoming of this plane.

Yak-9 UT c/n 40166074 was experimented with  a 57 mm gun, whose barrel didn't protrude from the spinner, and this is the subject of this model.
photos from Yefim Gordon / Dmitriy Khazanov: Yakovlev's Piston-Engined Fighters, 2002 (Red Star #5), page 96. 

The conversion of the Amodel kit of Yak-9U was easy:

Interestingly the kit has the wrong wingtips for a serially Yak-9U (the ones in the kit represents the wingtip-style of the older Yak-9 versions) but the photographs of my example show this old wingtip-style. So the wingtips did not have to be corrected.

I added some details in the cockpit and made a new vacuformed canopy. Besides, I opened all air inlets (wingroot and engine) - a simple measure to improve the model. Furthermore I lengthened the legs of the undercarriage - they are a little bit too short, in my opinion.